Five tips to help you write your Valentines card

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Picked the perfect Valentines card, and then....

Experienced that awful feeling of staring at a blank white open space with pen poised dramatically…and 15 minutes later you’re still staring a blank space? Well I know I certainly have!

You want to be clever, witty, and thoughtful, express your love and be romantic even, but again you’re still just looking at a blank valentines card….hmmm writer’s block!

luxury boxed valentines card featuring twelve red roses. A Dozen Red Roses Valentines Card

Unfortunately for someone who is very creative I do often find myself struggling with the written word, especially when it comes to putting down my thoughts and feelings onto paper (you should see me writing a blog – it’s a wonder I’m not bald!).

I know from the questions I receive this is something that many others also struggle with when writing their valentines card. So here goes, I’ve going to try my best to give you all some simple tips that hopefully might make writing that personal valentines card a little bit easier:

Five Tips to get you writing that Valentines card

  • Don’t leave it last minute to write your valentines card
    As the more time you have the more thought you can put into what you would like to say. There is nothing worse than having time constraints and pressure making you rush what you want to say or do, and believe me it will be noticeable that it’s been rushed, especially if you’ve just written Happy Valentine’s Day, with love. NO, NO, NO!
  • Speak from the heart
    An obvious one I hear you cry! Well yes, but as we’ve already established above this is not always easy to do and we’re not all poets. So what I find helpful is to write down some key points/ words or phrases I want to convey in my valentines message, and then take my time to expand on these and before you know it, you’ve written a couple of paragraphs or verses. You can even go away and come back to it later if you’re struggling and it won’t be a blank page, because you will already have written your key points.
  • Don’t hold back
    What you write in your valentines card is meant for the person who will receive it, a private message between just the two of you. So if you want to be corny, be corny. The recipient of your valentine’s card would much rather read something and know you’ve written it for them, whatever your style may be.
  • If your still struggling
    To put your feeling into words for your Valentines card, why not just highlight your favourite moments or memories together, kind of a ‘do you remember when we…’. Your Valentine will love this, as its really personal to you as a couple, its always great to reminisce.
  • If you would prefer
    Use a quote, song, or poem to convey your love - you will find lots of inspiration on the web.  Just remember if you do quote someone else, you should give credit.

Framed heart with folded heart Dotty About You Valentines Card

Making your valentines card personal to you

I could make suggestions on quotes, songs or poems, but I’m not going to, simply because these would be my personal choices, and everyone is different. Your message should be from you and speak from the heart, be sincere and you can’t go wrong.

So remember, just give yourself plenty of time, speak from the heart, don’t hold back and you’re sure to have a really heartfelt and meaningful  valentines card to give to your special someone.

I do hope you find the above tips helpful. If you have any tips or hints yourself please do share and they might be added to the list.

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