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The height of Wedding season is fast approaching...

Card featuring love birds and heart

Did you know that the most popular times of the year for couples getting married is June, July, August, and September?

So if you’re looking to give the happy couple a wedding card, offering your congratulations and the secrets to a successful wedding, Why not give them a card that can be treasured for years to come in their wedding colour?

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Spring a burst of inspirational colours.

Close up of yellow tulip in spring

As we gallop forward through the months we found ourselves already in April. For us here in the northern hemisphere, we should apparently be out donning our rain coats and wellies enjoying the April Showers (I’m thinking red wellies and a bright yellow raincoat!).

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Birthday Salutations & New Designs

New Birthday card featuring butterfly with flowers

We are super excited here at LL Creations as work has now begun on your fabulous range of Birthday Cards.

The new look range of hand crafted cards will include unique luxury designs for both her and him, as well as bursts of new spring and summer colour choices for our selection of original designs.

We even have plans to add a size upgrade to some of our standard 144 x 144 mm greeting card designs, giving you plenty of choice.

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Mums the word...

Featuring Heart with Gardenia Flower, available in a choice of three colours

We've all said it and we've all thought it “My mums the best mum in the world’, and to you she most certainly is! This is the wonderful woman who has given you so much over the years, from all those hugs, laughs, tears of joy and sadness. Those difficult times when they have always provided you with strength and advice.

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In the loop, here’s what’s new at LL Creations

Whether you’re a regular visitor or more seasonal, much has been changing at LL Creations, despite being a behind on posting regular blog updates.

Some of the highlights include:

  • We have introduced many new designs for both our standard and luxury card collections.
  • Introduced personalised hand crafted photo albums
  • Undertaken a large corporate (luxury) Christmas card order for the USA.
  • New branding, we are slowly implementing a new look website. Read more about it here.

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WOW, it doesn't seem that long ago when we were enjoying long warm evenings out in the garden, and here I am in November in chunky knits and clinging to a warm cuppa to keep my fingers warm. Where has the year gone?

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Special Offer: 10% OFF Personalised Photo Albums

Manhattan - Personalisaed Photo Album

From today I have a special offer which will end on the 5th September 2014.

I'm offering all my personalised photo albums with 10% OFF. Normally priced at £24.95, with offer only £22.46, price also includes FREE UK P&P.

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New Postage & Packaging Prices

As you know Royal Mail had their annual price increase implemented on the 30th April 2014. Therefore, with effect from the 7th April 2014, my postal prices for all orders over £7.35 will be charged at...

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What's Up Looney?

Mothers Day Card - Primrose in purple

Well what a month February has been! Valentines was exceptionally busy this year, and then I got quite ill which knocked me out for about a week. But I still manage to craft all your card orders on time (somehow!).

So what am I up to now that I’m fighting fit? Well, I’m currently working on mother’s day. I’m introducing more colours choices on some of the card designs, which will hopefully give you the chance to not only present your messages of love and support to your mum, but also maybe her favourite colour too.

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Symbols of Love

Be My Valentine - With Single Red Rose

With Valentines fast approaching I thought I would write about some of the common symbols associated with love and affection. There are many reasons why these iconic symbols have been associated with St. Valentine’s Day and the expression of love

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