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In the loop, here’s what’s new at LL Creations

Whether you’re a regular visitor or more seasonal, much has been changing at LL Creations, despite being a behind on posting regular blog updates.

Some of the highlights include:

  • We have introduced many new designs for both our standard and luxury card collections.
  • Introduced personalised hand crafted photo albums
  • Undertaken a large corporate (luxury) Christmas card order for the USA.
  • New branding, we are slowly implementing a new look website. Read more about it here.

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WOW, it doesn't seem that long ago when we were enjoying long warm evenings out in the garden, and here I am in November in chunky knits and clinging to a warm cuppa to keep my fingers warm. Where has the year gone?

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Special Offer: 10% OFF Personalised Photo Albums

Manhattan - Personalisaed Photo Album

From today I have a special offer which will end on the 5th September 2014.

I'm offering all my personalised photo albums with 10% OFF. Normally priced at £24.95, with offer only £22.46, price also includes FREE UK P&P.

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New Postage & Packaging Prices

As you know Royal Mail had their annual price increase implemented on the 30th April 2014. Therefore, with effect from the 7th April 2014, my postal prices for all orders over £7.35 will be charged at...

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What's Up Looney?

Mothers Day Card - Primrose in purple

Well what a month February has been! Valentines was exceptionally busy this year, and then I got quite ill which knocked me out for about a week. But I still manage to craft all your card orders on time (somehow!).

So what am I up to now that I’m fighting fit? Well, I’m currently working on mother’s day. I’m introducing more colours choices on some of the card designs, which will hopefully give you the chance to not only present your messages of love and support to your mum, but also maybe her favourite colour too.

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Symbols of Love

Be My Valentine - With Single Red Rose

With Valentines fast approaching I thought I would write about some of the common symbols associated with love and affection. There are many reasons why these iconic symbols have been associated with St. Valentine’s Day and the expression of love

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January Sale 10% OFF

To welcome in the New Year I’m happy to announce that my January Sale is now on, offering 10% OFF all handmade cards in my range, including standard and luxury greeting cards.

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New Christmas Card Designs For 2013

Christmas Rose

Since September I’ve been busy in my spare time working on the new designs for Christmas 2013. As always there is the doodle/sketching stage and I found that this year I had loads of ideas, too many in fact, as I managed to fill up over 8 pages in my sketch book. So that’s next years covered too! After the sketching came the fun bit; crafting the cards, choosing the materials/embellishments, and making design tweaks if required. From the sample ones that I’d made, these are the ones I decided to add to the handmade luxury Christmas card range for 2013:

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Traditional Wedding Anniversaries - Who doesn't love them?

Everlasting Silver - Handmade Anniversary Card

Who doesn’t love an anniversary? Especially the tradition of giving your loved one a gift or card that symbolises the strength and number of years you’ve been married? I personally prefer to stick with the traditional symbols as opposed to the modern list, as really who can get excited about white goods? Now I’m not saying white good aren’t useful, they are, but it’s not quite the same.

As with most traditions it has to have started somewhere? But where….to avoid giving you a full blown history, I’ll summarise. According to my extensive research this tradition dates back to Europe in the middle ages where...

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Coming Soon - Personalised Photo Albums

Bespoke Wedding Album

I am very pleased to announce that I will soon be offering personalised photo albums to the Looney Lizard Creations family. My intention has always been that I would be adding additional handmade items to my range but due to the success of my personalised handmade luxury greeting card range, it’s taken a little longer than expected (OK quite a bit longer!).

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