valentines day

  • Five tips to help you write your Valentines card

    Picked the perfect Valentines card, and then....

    Experienced that awful feeling of staring at a blank white open space with pen poised dramatically…and 15 minutes later you’re still staring a blank space? Well I know I certainly have!

    You want to be clever, witty, and thoughtful, express your love and be romantic even, but again you’re still just looking at a blank valentines card….hmmm writer’s block!

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  • Do you prefer it, Naughty or Nice?

    With Valentines just around the corner, what does your Valentines say? It really depends on the colour you choose…

    Through my design work, whether it is paper craft, bead work, painting or jewellery making - colour plays a big part and can provide a form of non-verbal communication, particularly in my card making where sentiment is paramount.

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  • LOONEY NEWS – JAN 2013

    We are now well into the new year and the first flurries of snow have finally arrived and so far already it’s been snowing on and off since Thursday’s 1st delivery of thick snow. Perfect whether for staying indoors with a nice cup of hot green tea and writing a blog!

    January so far has been very busy for Looney and with valentines around the corner I’ve been balancing customer orders, bespoke request & orders as well as preparing for Valentines 2013!

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