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With Valentines just around the corner, what does your Valentines say? It really depends on the colour you choose…



A form of non-verbal communication

Besides traditional symbols to signify love and romance, the colours you choose can also have significant meaning.

Through my design work, whether it is paper craft, bead work, painting or jewellery making - colour plays a big part and can provide a form of non-verbal communication, particularly in my card making where sentiment is paramount.

So in the run up to Valentine’s Day, I thought it might be nice to elaborate a little further into the meaning of the colours used in some of my seasonal handmade card designs.

Do you wish to convey Passion, Lust or Seduction?

For those who wish to ignite a fiery passion and an air of mystery, you could try the colours red and black together.

Black and Red Colour Block Black and Red Colour Block

RED: In its positive form red can invoke feelings of passion and lust, its colour is energy, passion and action. It’s alluring and tempting

BLACK: Is sophisticated yet secretive, creating an air of mystery and is often associated with seduction (think black lingerie).

The combination of these two colours together can create a strong message that is perhaps a little bit naughty, with the promise of passion and the ‘unknown’.

Do you wish to convey Affection, Love and Romance?

For those who wish to send thoughtful romantic gestures of love this valentines without the suggestiveness, why not try the colour pink.

PINK: Is thoughtful, gentle, and affectionate. It signifies unconditional love, tenderness and romance. The deeper the tone of pink the more passion it exhibits.

The combination of pink and red together can evoke a mix of romance, love and passion.

Red & Pink Colour Block

Hope this helped you to narrow down your shade

So when you come to choose your valentine card this year, remember besides the message you write within your card, the colours chosen carry their own message too.

I do hope you enjoyed this (very) brief look at colour psychology – it can really be quite a fascinating subject.

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