Sixty Years of Marriage – a cause for celebration!

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What a marital journey sixty years of marriage must be, that’s six whole decades married to the person you fell head over heels in love with. Such an accomplishment, and one that certainly deserves a magical celebration with your nearest and dearest.

What’s Traditionally Given for a 60th Wedding Anniversary?

Both the traditional and modern gift given for a 60th Wedding Anniversary here in the UK is Diamond.

Originally however, diamond was originally associated with a 75th Wedding Anniversary. But gained in popularity for a 60th wedding celebration after Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, as they say the rest was history.

Would you like your anniversary to be congratulated by The Queen?

Don’t forget that a message of congratulations can also be sent on behalf of The Queen for couples celebrating a diamond wedding anniversary. This is a tradition that began with King George V. since 1917.

To receive one of these cards, a relative will need to submit an application form prior to the special day. Here’s the link to get you started and find out whose eligible:

Webpage for applying for queens anniversary message Image Source:

Famous Couples who have celebrated a Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Here are a few famous couples who have celebrated a Diamond Wedding Anniversary together:

  • The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh (celebrated – 2007 and have also recently celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary) – Read more
  •  Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (celebrated – 2014) – Read more
  • Kirk Douglas and Anne Buydens (celebrated – 2014) – Read more


This task did prove somewhat difficult as most couples who have celebrated a 60th Wedding Anniversary will likely be in their eighty’s, having married in their early twenties….so this really is testament to a 60th Wedding Anniversary being such an accomplishment and certainly one for celebration and to create a treasured memory.

Should you send a special card for a Diamond anniversary?

Such a milestone wedding anniversary, deserves a really memorable card to convey such a special occasion. Nothing can be more personal than a handmade card.

That’s why I have designed two very specific wedding anniversary cards to celebrate a sixtieth wedding anniversary, with which to encase your special anniversary wishes. These luxury boxed designs are called Everlasting and Entwined (diamond white colour option)

To capture the essence of a diamond which is believed to symbolise the constant flame of love and enduring strength of a marriage. I have used diamond white as the primary colour with sparkling glitter and flawless clear crystals

luxury card featuring an ivory heart embellished with white glitter and clear crystals. Entwined - Luxury Boxed Anniversary Card. Available in White for a Diamond Anniversary

Glitter heart with ribbon detail and heart shaped diamante buckle Everlasting - Luxury Boxed Anniversary Card. Available in Diamond White for a 60th Anniversary

Both designs can be personalised for any relationship by adding your own greeting, so can be sent to a husband, wife, parents, or grandparents on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

Hope you found this Diamond anniversary article helpful

I do hope you found this blog informative and helpful! Also please do comment on any other famous couples you know of who have celebrated a 60th Wedding Anniversary.

Mwah xXx

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