Can a Stork get anymore stylish?

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Time for a change for luxury boxed new baby card Special Delivery:

Special delivery has always been one of those designs that I’ve always loved. Particularly the stork that I created for this design. But alas this little guy had been out of stock from some time due to some materials I no longer was able to obtain, and I’m shameful to say he’s stayed like this for almost a year...

But I’ve known for quite some time that the New Baby Collection was most definitely overdue for a re-vamp. And so this was the first item on my hit list to undertake on my recent sabbatical.

picture of a greeting card featuring a stork holding a blue baby bundle ORIGINAL LOOK for Special Delivery.

Picture of two greeting cards, featuring a stork with in both pink and blue NEW LOOK for Special Delivery - Luxury Boxed Card

A glamorous baby bundle, any parent would be proud to receive:

So what’s changed? Well besides the product photography has gotten much better (ahem). I decided to change the stork’s wing as I wanted to add more depth to the stork, including the way he’s attached to the card.

I also felt that the most important element of the overall design was the baby bundle that really needed to stand out. So besides adding a more sparkly element to the actual bundle, I added some additional embellishments such as a more elaborate bow, hanging bead trim, crystal heart and a hanging charm handmade from beads and wire.


picture of a new baby card, featuring a pink bow , crystal heart & bead charm Cute baby bundle, featuring crystal heart and bead charm

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Why bother to redesign?:

I don’t often redesign greeting cards unless I still feel they have a lot of love to give, and to me this design certainly has a lot more to give, its elegant and stylish and a lovely grown-up version of the traditional stork delivering a baby.

I would also like to thank that Heron I saw whilst out on one of my walks - amongst the reeds, grasses and bulrushes that originally gave me this idea, hence the bulrushes that appear on the design!

I do hope that you love the new look for Special Delivery, and I’m totally in love with the little beaded charms I get to make for this design! A lovely treasured keepsake for new Mums and Dad indeed, available in a choice of pink/lilac and blue/orange.

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