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  • August News & Updates

    Over the last few months as well as being inundated making all those beautiful cards, we’ve also been working hard to create several truly bespoke requests and somehow we’ve managed to find the time to make further improvements to our website.

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  • Hasta la Vista Looney!

    Back in late June we finally said a fond farewell to our crazy haired green lizard friend, who’s been with us since the very beginning. Of course it wasn't an easy decision to make and certainly one not taken lightly. But as LL Creations has grown and developed, we felt it was the right time to make the change.

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    WOW, it doesn't seem that long ago when we were enjoying long warm evenings out in the garden, and here I am in November in chunky knits and clinging to a warm cuppa to keep my fingers warm. Where has the year gone?

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  • Never thought i would get excited by website upgrades

    I never thought I would get excited that my website is being upgraded, though I must confess I am actually finding it’s all very exciting! My dear husband has been working hard (in his spare time) upgrading my website over the last few months.

    There are several new upgrades in the works (shhhhhh top secret) but he has just finished upgrading and simplifying my checkout pages with the new...

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