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Huston, we have a problem…

Wow where do I start with this gorgeous new baby card design? I can’t begin to tell you how many hours went into getting this design just right.

Sometimes when you start with a sketch and an initial design idea, crafting the elements into a prototype can certainly prove more challenging at times. That’s not to say transcribing ideas from paper into practice can’t also work wonderfully well.

But for this design, it proved a challenge and at times I did wonder if I would ever get this new baby design quite how I’d envisioned. But as the saying goes ‘hard work pays off’ and I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished design.

Greeting card featuring baby feet with bow and paper filigree Cherished - Personalised Luxury Boxed Christmas Card

Control, we are good to go…

My Cherished Luxury Boxed New Baby Card, uses two new techniques that I haven’t previously used on any of my designs. These are foiling and paper filigree, which have really added to the overall look of the design.

1. The foiling on this design is applied via two different methods - Heat and burnishing.

2. The paper filigree is made using non-traditional quilling strips that I created, as the traditional strips weren’t creating that delicate look I wanted for the finishing flourish to complete this design.

I decided that baby feet would be the main feature, as I think everyone can relate to that fixation we all get from holding a baby. Experiencing the delight of those tiny feet and oh so little toes. Were my feet ever that small and dainty?

I intended to create a chic and contemporary look that was gender neutral, with a classic colour palette of gold, ivory and cream. To invoke a feeling of warmth, that together celebrates the creation of a new life.

We have lift-off… baby has arrived!

I hope that I’ve eloquently described my thoughts, my ideas and practices behind this wonderful new design. It has been both been a lot of fun, whilst at times quite challenging bringing this to life.

With all that said, I really do hope you all agree that I’ve created something beautiful for you to present your special words of love to those new Mums, Dads, Grans and Granddads.

Do let me know your thoughts on this personalised new baby card, what you like, dislike… all feedback welcomed.

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Luxury boxed new baby card featuring baby feet, gold foil, mixed ribbons and diamante heart Cherished - Luxury New Baby Card.

Mwah xx


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