NEW Petite Design: Splash of Paint

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Freestanding decorating new home inspired greeting card

A splash of paint, makes it your own...

We all get excited when we move into a new home and we are presented with an opportunity to add your own personal style to that "blank canvas".

Just what colours go with what, does it compliment the new or old furniture or even the light balance of each room. It's always a fun and damn right messy experience that we all experience at several stages of our lives.

Inspiration with a decorating theme

No body really wants to live in a dingy den and whilst vibrant colours are not everyone's taste, its always fun to find ways to create a little mood.

Personally I love using bright, bold and breezy colours together, i'm not suggesting for one moment that you want to decorate your living room with such intensity, but creatively i wanted to re-create the excitement and joy of decorating your first home.

With a 'splish' of this and a 'splash of that', this fun design welcomes your family and friends to their new home whether renting or buying.


Need inspiration of what to write?

Personally I really love this quote and this it's a very true statement.

"A house is made of bricks and stone... A home is made of love alone."

Home with a quote

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