The BIG Graduation Day has finally arrived…

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The months of June and July will see many students graduating and families attending their graduation ceremonies, after months of being locked away under piles of books, dissertation revisions and exam timetables.

For many students there will be a collective sigh of relief, as they embark on the next chapter in their lives and for many others, it’s only another chapter in their academic journey towards their final goal.

From Fresher’s to Graduation Day

Having previously worked at a University as a Teaching Secretary, I’ve seen first-hand just how hard students work for their degrees and how stressful their final year can be. But I’ve also seen those moments of outright joy, elation and even whooping when they receive their final result with classification. Followed swiftly by those emotional calls to parents to give them their final results.

It can be an emotional journey

It’s through these wonderful experiences that I’ve encountered at my previous job, which drives me to create personalised graduation cards, worthy of such a special occasions and milestone achievements. As a designer of unique handmade cards, we can fully personalise your card with their names, university, degree subject, classification and graduation date making them a prefect keepsake for years to come.

Words of Recognition

Here at LL Creations we are very proud of our individually handcrafted graduation cards and every year we receive such positive heart-warming feedback that brings out the Kleenex.

We’re often asked what one should write in a Graduation Card and the best advice we can say, is to speak from the heart and be thoughtful of their endeavours. The main message you will want to convey, will include to congratulate them on their achievement, offer words of encouragement and excitement about their future and maybe even some words of wisdom going forward.

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