• Keeping it clean – Don’t contaminate your cards!!

    When making greeting cards or any craft for that matter, it is important to keep a clean work surface, not to mention clean hands. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but one little mark on your hard work can mean its heading straight to the bin and having to start from scratch. You really don’t want to be sending out your cards with any imperfections, or they “the customer” certainly won’t be coming back in the future.

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  • New to card making - Basic tool kit

    When I first started card making several years ago, I set out to my local craft store not knowing exactly what I should buy and remember feeling somewhat daunted at the vast range of gizmos and gadgets available to the crafter.

    Many of the products which are available are not necessarily required when you first start out. I would say that the following items are some essential tools you will need.

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