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  • Personalised Graduation Cards

    It must be that time of year again, as proud parents are on the hunt for personalised graduation cards.

    So caps off and a big CHEER to all those undergraduates and postgraduates as they're about to graduate. If you require a special card, we have a fabulous collection of personalised graduation cards to choose from. Personalisations can include anything from the graduates name, degree subject, classification and graduation date. You can even include the name of their University.

    A personalised card is the perfect way to send a congratulatory message to the graduate and gift them with a special keepsake to treasure.

    Personalised Graduation Cards - Luxury Collection

    The Graduate - Personalised Graduation Card

    One of my favourite personalised graduation card designs at the moment is The Graduate. Which was one of my very first designs that I ever created professionally. What I love about this design is the single silhouette standing tall and proud in their academic dress of gown, cap, hood. The rolled mini degree and little cap tassel, are the perfect finishing touches to this design.

    The Graduate (Male): Personalised Graduation Card in blue.

    The Graduate (Female): Luxury Graduation Card in Red

    When I created the graduate card design, I really wanted it to be about that moment of becoming a Graduate. With the culmination of years of hard work that got them to this momentous moment and well deserved pageantry.

    The University colours must match...

    LL Creations knows how important personalisations can be, and that's why we can accommodate custom colour requests also. Here is just a little example of the personalised graduation cards we've created for customers in the past in different colourways:

    To Mortarboard or Not?

    Did you know that some Universities like St Andrews and Newcastle do not include a mortarboard in their academic dress? Thats why we can even customise The Graduate design without an academic cap as shown below:

    The Graduate without cap created for a personalised album and card.








    For those who are graduating with a PhD or Doctoral, their traditional headwear would not include a motarboard. Instead a Tudor Bonnet is wore for those being award a reseach or professional doctoral degree, as shown below:

    The Graduate, customised with a tudor bonnet for a research or professional doctoral degree.

    As you can see from the examples above, whether it’s an undergraduate degree, master’s degree or even PhD/Doctorate we can accommodate your special requests. Because we LOVE  being able to help you with those extra personal touches making your graduation cards even more personal and significant.

    If your interested in a specific colour or have a special request for a graduation card? Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

    To all those 2022 Graduates…

    A job well done on your degrees. Especially during last two years of Covid restrictions and interruptions to study. You've done marvelously well.

    So enjoy your moment as you walk to the stage to be awarded with your academic degree and shake hands with the VC.  Just remember to look up and smile at those proudly beaming back at you during your convocation ceremony.

    May your futures be bright and remember the tassel was so worth the hassel!

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  • Biodegradable packaging

    Greener packaging I've swapped out those horrible little plastic bags for lovely glassine envelopes. Which are made in the UK with 100% pine wood cellulose.

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  • Housewarming Card Collection

    It's official the housewarming card collection, just got BIGGER! With new designs Mayfair and Rose Cottage now available on the website. Perfect for sending your warm welcome wishes to family and friends on their new home.

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  • My small business turns 10

    2022 marks a special year for me and my small business, as I celebrate 10 years of Looney Lizard Creations. I’ve loved helping you send special cards to deliver a smile to your family and friends. I do hope you'll celebrate with me

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  • Framed Paper Art

    Over the last couple of years I've been busy behind the scenes, creating different framed pieces of paper art. From Maikos, highland cows, 3D paper birthday cakes, and more recently a papery bee.

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  • Getting Merry with a pinch of Spice!

    I'm super excited to be giving you guys a sneak peek at my two newest luxury boxed christmas card designs for 2021: Christmas Spice and Merry

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  • Three new petite christmas cards

    These little designs were inspired by the festive themes we all come to love and cherish, poinsettias, angelic Angels and leaping reindeer.

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  • Cinderella...NEW look

    With wedding ceremonies commencing again...I'm pleased to say that I've re-introduced luxury boxed wedding card 'Cinderella' with a whole new look!!

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  • A bird of paradise flower...finally

    After several different attempts I found a three dimensional style that I felt really represented this flowers natural beauty, whilst keeping it sleek and contemporary in composition.

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  • Know anyone moving home?

    It was only a couple of months ago since we moved out to the country on the next chapter of our shiny new adventure.

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