Biodegradable packaging

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As a small business owner I'm acutely aware of my impact on the environment. Because of this  I've taken positive steps over the last couple of years to help reduce that impact.

This is particularly true for the outer packaging that gets used to send out my handcrafted products.

The outer packaging bits are most likely to end up in landfill. I myself will often reuse packaging received from suppliers for orders etc. or I ensure it gets recycled. As I'm sure many customers do also.

So another step towards my goal of greener packaging is the bags we supply the card confetti’s in.

Greener confetti bags Ditching the confetti plastic bags for biodegradable glassine.

Glassine Envelopes

So what’s so green about them? Well, I've swapped out those horrible little plastic bags for lovely glassine envelopes. Which are made in the UK (reducing the carbon footprint) with 100% pine wood cellulose. Making them 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Its another positive step towards removing  plastics from LL Creations packaging. Which I also did for my range of petite cards which now come sealed within 'green' cello bags which are made from sustainable and annually renewable vegetable starch. Which is also fully biodegradable and compostable

card with new biodegradable outer packaging Our petite handmade comes in a biodegradable bag

I've also decided to remove those plastic confetti choices and replaced them with environmentally friendly options that are naturally biodegradable.

Postive Steps Forward

I am also working on a greener solution for the cello wraps used for my luxury range. These will be introduced once the currently supply has been used up. Otherwise, I feel this would be wasteful not to and nobody likes waste!

There are lots more steps I've taken to help reduce my impact as a small business owner on the environment. I will be highlighting more of these changes in the coming months.

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