New wedding card designs in time for the summer season

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What I’ve been up wedding card designs.

Today’s blog is all about my latest design additions to the keepsake wedding card range and the inspiration behind them.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working behind the scenes creating new and beautiful wedding card designs. I have now released three new personalised wedding cards onto the website: Bouquet, Two Hearts and True Love.

ivory and silver luxury wedding card with three heart shaped balloons Bouquet - Close up detail

The thoughts behind the wedding card designs

As with all my designs, a lot of thought goes into both the design and meaning, as I believe that my cards must always convey the intended sentiment, enhanced by the sender’s message.

Marriage signifies the joining of two people and with these new designs I wanted to symbolise this meaning within each new handmade wedding card design.

I also wanted each design to have an elegant and timeless look and therefore I kept the colour palette neutral with silvers, golds, whites and ivory.

Two Hearts –Petite Wedding Card:

I recently witnessed a handfasting as part of a wedding ceremony whereby both the bride and groom had their hands tied together to signify their unity. I thought this was beautiful sentiment and used this as the inspiration behind this petite card, to symbolise the joining of two hearts.

Two Hearts is available in two elegant colour combination of Silver/White and Gold/Cream.

Wedding card featuring two hearts in silver and white Two Hearts - Petite Wedding Card

True Love – Petite Wedding Card:

Recently I won a celebration photo-shoot for my 10 year wedding anniversary, whilst reviewing the wonderful photos, it got me thinking how I could best frame and encapsulate our love. With this in mind I wanted to create a design featuring a simple, yet elegant frame in which to encase true love.

I like to think that this design sums that up with its simple heart aperture and smaller sparkly heart within the centre of this decorative frame. Beautiful in its mix of ivory, white and silver.

White linen wedding card with a framed heart with silver glitter True Love - Petite Wedding Card

Bouquet – Luxury Boxed Wedding Card:

When creating this keepsake wedding card design, I set out with glamour and elegance in mind to feature a bouquet of heart shaped balloons, held together by the entwined wedding rings. Bouquet represents a romantic bouquet bursting with love, with the central heart symbolising the union and two entwined wedding rings bonding their future lifelong partnership.

The two smaller hearts represent both the bride and groom, with their initials featured within. I really wanted to include this extra special touch, giving you the ability to personalise this card further… just for them!

So if you’ve been waiting for that magical day when you see either your daughter or son marry the love of their life, then Bouquet has to be the wedding card to select. A wedding card that was intended for the most special of wedding wishes.

romantic wedding card with heart shaped balloons featuring the couples initials and embellished with crystals and glitter Luxury Boxed Wedding Card - Bouquet

To the Perfect Couple

I adore all these new designs and the beautiful meaning behind each one and hope you agree that these really are the perfect card for the perfect couple.

If asked which is my favourite card, I would have to say it’s a difficult one to answer, because they are all wonderful in their own way.

But from a personal view, with the thought, love and special sentiment behind the design bouquet, means I do get a certain feeling swelling within whenever I make one of these beautiful personalised wedding cards.

Which would you send and why? Do comment below.

Mwah xx

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