A bird of paradise flower...finally

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A day for celebration in the Caswell house...

We were extremely pleased to find that our Strelitzia Reginae (Bird of Paradise) finally flowered. After eight years of love and attention, waiting patiently... it had finally flowered! That cheered us both up and put BIG smiles on our faces.

My Bird of Paradise finally flowering Finally a flower from my Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise, then this got me thinking...

What a cheery, and exotic flower to feature for a greeting card design, and what better occasion than a birthday?

I LOVE the Bird of Paradise flowers, they are so exotic with their unusual shape and beautiful bursts of bright orange and darker tones of purple.

So I started crafting my own papery bird of paradise

After several different attempts I found a three dimensional style that I felt really represented this flowers natural beauty, whilst keeping it sleek and contemporary in composition.

So I thought I'd share a sneak peek picture with you, hoping it brings out a smile too!

Paradise, a new Luxury Boxed Birthday Card

Paper bird of paradise New birthday card called Paradise inspired by our beautiful Strelitzia Reginae.

I'm in love with this beautiful tropical theme, in rich autumn hues... and I cannot wait to release this new birthday card! It really does have a fabulous celebratory feel.

(more tropical themed designs coming soon for those special birthdays for both her and him)

Has anything unexpected made you smile today, I'd love to know?

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