• Spring a burst of inspirational colours.

    As we gallop forward through the months we found ourselves already in April. For us here in the northern hemisphere, we should apparently be out donning our rain coats and wellies enjoying the April Showers (I’m thinking red wellies and a bright yellow raincoat!).

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  • Birthday Salutations & New Designs

    We are super excited here at LL Creations as work has now begun on your fabulous range of Birthday Cards. The new look range of hand crafted cards will include unique luxury designs for both her and him, as well as bursts of new spring and summer colour choices for our selection of original designs. We even have plans to add a size upgrade to some of our standard 144 x 144 mm greeting card designs, giving you plenty of choice.

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  • Symbols of Love

    With Valentines fast approaching I thought I would write about some of the common symbols associated with love and affection. There are many reasons why these iconic symbols have been associated with St. Valentine’s Day and the expression of love

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  • Early riser or simply confused?

    What a winter we have had over in the southern half of the UK this year, there has barely had any frosts, which is quite bizarre. Thinking back over the years, I don’t remember any winters being quite as mild as this one and by the looks of it neither does this daffodil…this one is an early riser!...

    This poor confused daffodil in my front garden was raising its head up above the soil at Christmas time, yes at Christmas!! Maybe it was hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa and not miss out on the action (lol)....

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