Who needs life's various dramas

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Who needs life's various dramas

Well I'm embarrassed to say that this is the first blog of 2021.

Yes, I'm currently hanging my head in shame. It would seem I took an unintentional semi-break from Looney Lizard Creations due to various life dramas.

But I am pleased to say that we did FINALLY get to re-locate to rural Wales in late Spring and we've slowly been getting used to our new surroundings and adjusting to a slower pace of life.

I may not have stayed in touch as much as I should, but the quite time has certainly revived my creative soul and I'm finding no end of creative inspiration in my new home. Which can only be a good thing for LL Creations!

Working on my new branding and website

It has also given me much needed time to work on the NEW website and re-branding, after it took a nosedive down the priority list. More details about the new website will be given in the New Year (it's so close now it's frustrating!)

So what do I have to share with you? Well, quite a lot really! But certainly far too much to put into one blog, but I’ll give it a go and break into bite sized pieces.

  1. Getting Merry with a pinch of Spice!
  2. Three new petite christmas cards
  3. New LOOK...Cinderella
  4. Excited to share... Paradise
  5. Know any one moving home?

Hope you enjoy!

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