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  • What my customers are saying: January - April 2012

    Hi just wanted to email and thank you. I ordered a personalised Tahiti 50th card for my friend. It arrived quickly and is lovely. I am sure she will be delighted with it as I was when I saw it. Very professional. Thank you very much. Will definitely order again and recommend!

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  • BlogLovin in the process of setting up an account

    Just come across BlogLovin, in the process of setting up an account :) Follow my blog with Bloglovin So if you click the link, please don't be expecting too much just yet, not had a lot of time to set everything up lol.

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  • With the sun shining what is a girl to do...

    Wow what weather we are having here in little old Berkshire, it has really made it hard for me to focus on promoting my new Everlasting anniversary card range, when i have itchy green fingers to work on our garden. As you can see i am already being distracted by writing this post lol.

    I have so much to do, sorry i should say "we" being my husband and i, have so much to do in our garden. So much veg needs planting, soil turning and i have had him putting up a series of corner trellis on our pagoda, for the climbers to grow up and across it.

    We have one small wine making grapevine, but we plan to add a second edible variety for the second front corner. We will also have our honey suckle and clematis growing up and...

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  • Hot off the crafting mat: Everlasting - Luxury Anniversary Cards

    I have been working away over the last few weeks designing and crafting my latest luxury anniversary card range, featuring six new beautiful designs! The new range is called “Everlasting” which details a series of stacked layered hearts intermixed with alternate coloured ribbon, finishing with a diamanté heart shaped buckle. Each card has been carefully decorated with sparkly clear and coloured Swarovski crystals for the finish touch. This new range includes anniversary cards for Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Golden, Emerald and Diamond wedding anniversaries.

    Prior to this new range, I have been selling many anniversary cards despite having limited number of designs in my anniversary section. I wanted to design a luxury range, for those who want to...

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  • Never thought i would get excited by website upgrades

    I never thought I would get excited that my website is being upgraded, though I must confess I am actually finding it’s all very exciting! My dear husband has been working hard (in his spare time) upgrading my website over the last few months.

    There are several new upgrades in the works (shhhhhh top secret) but he has just finished upgrading and simplifying my checkout pages with the new...

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  • Early riser or simply confused?

    What a winter we have had over in the southern half of the UK this year, there has barely had any frosts, which is quite bizarre. Thinking back over the years, I don’t remember any winters being quite as mild as this one and by the looks of it neither does this daffodil…this one is an early riser!...

    This poor confused daffodil in my front garden was raising its head up above the soil at Christmas time, yes at Christmas!! Maybe it was hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa and not miss out on the action (lol)....

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  • Christmas cakes cont... 2011's Entry

    Although it's a couple of weeks since i finished decorating this years Christmas cake and luckily i managed to take a photo before the vultures (my husband) attacked it. I thought you guys might like to see this years effort, it's a reinvention of my previous penguin Christmas cake...

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  • Christmas cakes - all the festive preparation has already started!

    This Saturday our house was filled with the smells of Christmas, as my friend (Nikki) and I baked up a storm, making a complete mess of our new kitchen. There were lemon peels, currants, sultanas, cake mixture and all sorts of cooking paraphernalia spread all over the impact zone like some dirty crimbo bomb! Yep you guessed it we were making Christmas cakes well in advance to ensure plenty of time for alcoholic feeding (not advised to eat my cakes when driving) of this year’s choice of flavour...

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  • Autumn is my favourite season as the nights draw in...

    Autumn is my favourite season as the nights draw in and the leaves change colour to yellow, orange and red as they fall from the trees I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling I can’t explain, I just find it comforting. You’ve got Halloween and bonfire night, warming soups, casseroles, open fires. It’s that time when both my husband and I reap the benefits of all our hard work throughout the spring and summer in the garden, when the harvest comes in (however small it may be).

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  • Keeping it clean – Don’t contaminate your cards!!

    When making greeting cards or any craft for that matter, it is important to keep a clean work surface, not to mention clean hands. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but one little mark on your hard work can mean its heading straight to the bin and having to start from scratch. You really don’t want to be sending out your cards with any imperfections, or they “the customer” certainly won’t be coming back in the future.

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