• Be savvy and stress-free this Christmas with my top ten tips

    Does the following sentence send you into a frazzled frenzy? “Its only XX days to Christmas” and the closer its gets to the BIG day, you may have even developed a nervous twitch.

    For those of us who do most of the Christmas prep it can be a minefield of endless jobs,

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  • New Christmas Card Designs For 2013

    Since September I’ve been busy in my spare time working on the new designs for Christmas 2013. As always there is the doodle/sketching stage and I found that this year I had loads of ideas, too many in fact, as I managed to fill up over 8 pages in my sketch book. So that’s next years covered too! After the sketching came the fun bit; crafting the cards, choosing the materials/embellishments, and making design tweaks if required. From the sample ones that I’d made, these are the ones I decided to add to the handmade luxury Christmas card range for 2013:

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  • Christmas cakes cont... 2011's Entry

    Although it's a couple of weeks since i finished decorating this years Christmas cake and luckily i managed to take a photo before the vultures (my husband) attacked it. I thought you guys might like to see this years effort, it's a reinvention of my previous penguin Christmas cake...

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  • Christmas cakes - all the festive preparation has already started!

    This Saturday our house was filled with the smells of Christmas, as my friend (Nikki) and I baked up a storm, making a complete mess of our new kitchen. There were lemon peels, currants, sultanas, cake mixture and all sorts of cooking paraphernalia spread all over the impact zone like some dirty crimbo bomb! Yep you guessed it we were making Christmas cakes well in advance to ensure plenty of time for alcoholic feeding (not advised to eat my cakes when driving) of this year’s choice of flavour...

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