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  • Christmas cakes cont... 2011's Entry

    Although it's a couple of weeks since i finished decorating this years Christmas cake and luckily i managed to take a photo before the vultures (my husband) attacked it. I thought you guys might like to see this years effort, it's a reinvention of my previous penguin Christmas cake...

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  • Christmas cakes - all the festive preparation has already started!

    This Saturday our house was filled with the smells of Christmas, as my friend (Nikki) and I baked up a storm, making a complete mess of our new kitchen. There were lemon peels, currants, sultanas, cake mixture and all sorts of cooking paraphernalia spread all over the impact zone like some dirty crimbo bomb! Yep you guessed it we were making Christmas cakes well in advance to ensure plenty of time for alcoholic feeding (not advised to eat my cakes when driving) of this year’s choice of flavour...

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